Restoration & Repair

We are a one-stop shop for the restoration of your windows. We handle broken glass, re-glazing, hardware research and cleaning, pulley repair, weight replacement, part substitutions, and so much more.


While replacing windows and screens with modern materials is prevalent, SWR advocates for constructing old cypress and pine sashes the way they were originally built: with no nails or screws.

Paint & Stain

We steam, hand scrap, and sand your sashes before we prime and paint or stain them. SWR can color match to existing features, custom color, or sample different paints/stains for the best results.

Mold & Rot Remediation

SWR will determine the root of the mold or rot, replace deteriorating pieces with Dutchman repairs, and develop a plan of action to avoid reoccurring issues. This will help ensure longevity and durability.

Weather Stripping

Draftiness. Bugs. Water. Traffic. SWR can insulate your historic windows with replaceable silicon weather-stripping that is not attached with adhesive or nails or with historic bronze weather-stripping. This can be done before, after, or separately from restoration work.

Stained & Colored Glass

Our team is well versed in preserving even the most delicate stained glass windows. We can track down replacement glass for broken panes and mend or replace lead came.