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About Us

We are a team of restoration experts dedicated to preserving the integrity of historic homes and buildings across Southern Louisiana.

Over the years the company has grown and developed changing from Sam Staub Carpentry, LLC. to Sam Staub Enterprises, INC. As the company started to commit more to historic restoration and slowly move away from commercial and modern renovations, the need for historic window restoration in Southern Louisiana became apparent.

The window crew was originally created as a branch of Sam Staub Enterprises, INC. but as the success of the window crew soared, Staub Window Restorations, LLC. eventually became a separate entity from Sam Staub Enterprises, INC. As the success of Staub Window Restorations, LLC. continued to increase Sam Staub Enterprises, INC.’s projects were slowly reduced.

While, Staub Window Restorations, LLC. still performs many of the larger jobs that Sam Staub Enterprises, INC. once completed the goal of the company has turned solely to historic restoration and preservation.

Our Team

Sam Staub
Sam Staub
Owner / CEO
Michelle Brenner
Michelle Brenner
Operations Manager / Restoration Specialist
Tim Morgan
Tim Morgan
Restoration Specialist

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